Tex Thompson's Word Alchemy Lab

By Texas High Plains Writers (other events)

Saturday, August 19 2017 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

Texas High Plains Writers is pleased to present SMU writing instructor and Dallas author Arianne "Tex" Thompson as the speaker at our August 19 workshop.

If your book were a movie, it would be an instant classic. A stellar premise. Unforgettable characters. Mind-blowing plot turns. But somehow the words on the page aren't fully conveying the tension of the tight parts, or the loveliness of the pretty parts, or the shockingness of the shocking parts. Never fear! In this workshop, we'll study the art of adapting your writing style to suit any purpose, refining each page and paragraph, and fine-tuning every line until it sings.

Tex is offering a FREE critique to all attendees.  Workshop registrants may send Tex the first 15 pages, maximum, of any writing. Once registration is verified, contact information and instructions will be provided on where to email your pages prior to the workshop.


IMPORTANT:  Please use the parking lot on the west side of Harrison Street (southwest corner of Harrison and 6th Street) or the parking lot on the east side of Van Buren Street (southeast corner of Van Buren and 6th Street).  You may also park along any of the surrounding streets where parking is permitted.

The parking lot immediately adjacent to and on the west side of the Chase Tower is for guests of the Amarillo Club only. Please do not park in that lot.